Sports Book Publicity and Marketing

Experience. Contacts = Results.

With thousands of connections in the sports and general interest media secured and strengthened over the past 15 years, Press Box Publicity can maximize your exposure, spark book sales, and enhance your brand. From self-published authors to many major traditional publishers, Press Box Publicity makes good things happen for clients and authors.

The firm has run successful campaigns for Simon & Schuster, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Knopf, Little, Brown & Company, Harper, Scribner, Doubleday, Crown, Running Press, Henry Holt, W.W. Norton, Free Press, Harry N. Abrams, Bloomsbury USA, Twelve, William Morrow, Crown Archetype, Dutton, It Books, The Penguin Press, Public Affairs, Stewart, Tabori & Chang, Wiley, Triumph among many others.


With sports lit still at its core, and a strong reputation for delivering the big hits, Press Box Publicity offers precision public relations and publicity consultations for every campaign. Timing is everything in sports media and we know it. We are an agile firm that offers the quickest possible turnaround for any campaign. Responding to breaking news? Releasing a new product with low advance purchases? Press Box has the resources in place to quickly gear up for promotion of a self-published book, and the bandwidth to cover a publisher’s entire line of books.

Press Box Publicity prides itself on being one of the best resources available in creating buzz and sustaining momentum in the sports media. We do so working as a part of your team, using your goals and comfort-level as our guide. With a variety of services and packages to meet virtually any budget, we are easy to work with, and have affordable fee structure and easy access to lead consultant Adam Rifenberick and a staff of veteran, seasoned book marketing publicists.


Whether it’s for an individual campaign for a self-published or traditionally published book or long-standing PR representation for a publisher – just let us know what you have in mind and we can put a detailed proposal together in 48 hours or less.



TV. Radio. Print. Online. Social Media. Events.
You make the call, and make Press Box Publicity your game-changing book marketing partner.

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