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Smith Publicity – the parent company of Press Box Publicity – is the most prolific and successful book marketing and book promotion agency in the publishing industry. With more than 3,000 books promoted since 1997, no agency comes close to our experience. And, we are one of the few agencies to promote books regardless of how they are published – traditional, self-published, hybrid … it doesn’t matter. We are selective in the books we take on and look for quality writing, design and author credentials, and assess every title for book publicity potential. From first-time, unknown self-published writers to international bestselling authors, we’ve done it all, and have done it better than anyone else.

        Smith Publicity, Cherry Hill, NJ Office

Genres promoted:
-General Non-fiction
– Cookbooks
-Fiction (all sub-genres)
-Sports books
-Coffee table books

Smith Publicity has developed innovative, trendsetting book promotion strategies such as:
* The “book as a business card” and marketing tool approach. We developed this years ago, introducing it to INC. magazine, resulting in a multi-page story.
* Byline article pitching. Employed primarily for non-fiction books, our byline article strategy through which we provide ready-made material to print and online outlets, has been extremely successful, with routine placements in top publications and online outlets.
* Author promotion and personality cultivation. In some campaigns our focus is on enhancing name and brand recognition to position authors as experts in their field, and to lay the framework for speaking and other opportunities.

We are also different from other firms in our structured client communication processes. From weekly detailed updates to weekly calls and virtually 24/7 availability, our clients know what is happening at all times.

It comes down to this: We how to secure valuable media coverage to create sales, build personal brands, and create a myriad of opportunities for authors.

Results. Experience. Unparalleled client service.
This is Smith Publicity.

Check out the video business cards of Dan Smith, Mike Onorato,  Corinne Moulder and Sandy Poirier Smith.

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